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"Once, ere there was land and sea, when only the waters of the eternal celestial ocean spanned across space and time, the three gods held counsel and found that it was lonely to dwell in the vast expanses of water. Then, Mut set boundaries into the waters, and Ashera water and El air. Yet they wouldn't suffer to be alone where they could change it, and thus after many trials and failures, their first race was born. They were a kin of beauty and power, proud and skilled, and a joy in the eyes of their creators.

But it is not the manner of those who live to not strive for greatness, and soon they spoke to each other and said: "We do not owe allegiance to those that made of, and in their bondage we won't lie any longer." And their words bore deeds, and heaven and earth shook with their rebellion. Not did they offer to the gods any longer, nor steward creation as they had been entrusted to do, and the gods' eyes grew grim. And Mut said: "Let us send water to cover them, for we have created them to not withstand it, should such evil come to pass."

Yet Mut had hidden from El and Ashera what he had done in his time while xir sister and brother laboured to see the birth of the elves: A race of his own, to live in the waters that were an enemy to the elves. And when they opened the boundaries and the celestial ocean flooded the earth, this race spread, and their name was keirill. At last, El and Ashera saw that they had been betrayed, and closed the boundaries off, yet all the way to the mountains the land was lost to those dwelling under the open skies.

And again they held counsel, though now Mut would not come, and as the hubris of the elves had not been shaken yet, they created yet a new people: Shorter were they, bound to the air like the elves yet stronger and more enduring, though the gods saw to tempering their pride with the knowledge of their own mortality. And they were created into two people, so as to not unite against the gods as the humans had done. And hatred was put between the elves and the dwarves, that they should not have the peace nor calm to scheme against the gods ever again."

It's an old memory, of his mother singing those histories to him, back when they still lived in the town by the sea. Before the night when he was woken from his slumber and pulled out of the house and into the woods beyond it - not to the ships where they had learned to run towards should dwarves attack. Many years before they came to this city, built of stone and iron, housing dwarves and elves in tension and distrust, need forcing them together. A city that he rules over, the last stronghold of the people of the land on the eastern end of the coastline, where the hills of the Ahhed-ma, or Kaareloi, fall towards the sea. It must be held, for if it falls the wide plains beyond it will be open to any attack that the keirill might wage upon it. And that they can now, ever since they developed the means to travel out into the air.

His name is Lahai, the sea-seeing, child of Tehenen, and he rules over Keel-tereen, the city of steel, which the dwarves call Mahhad-behiartai, the eagle's nest. It is a desperate reign, a reign that lasts through centuries of war, a mighty lord who will once become the last king of the elves during the years of their pride and freedom, and fall at the hands of the fourth race, and his death will herald the beginning of the age of water and air.


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